ietthavavrosor - Taize 2014 [english]

Taize 2014 [english]

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A week in Taizé and I no longer remember will be very intresting to see how much Swedish I'll know after my friend from America has visited. very interesting.....

cuz I'm cute and stuff..? and eyebrows are overrated...or something like that?
cutsies, they so cutsieeee!!
I miss this so, so much!
Taize oh how I love you
..and now I am crying cuz I miss these two so much. And yeah, my face is ugly; but they are beautiful so it's okey
Taize is my everything, my little heaven here on earth. And the people there are angels walking on earth, they're all amazing and all so beautiful. Where ever I go people stare at me; my hair, my makeup, the way I dress and (of course) my scars. Everywhere I go..except Taizé. For someone who has been forced to get used to people staring at you going to a place like Taizé is probably the best thing ever. For a week I can actually focus on something else than controlling my anger and trying not to yell at all the idiots who think they have the right to stare, point, whisper or shout something. It's a relief and for a week I feel like I can actually breath.
I can meet people, talk to them and laugh without having to be afraid of making a food out of myself because... well, I'll probably never meet them again so why would it matter? 4000 people there and I didn't get one anxiety attack ( lest not due to the amount of people there); I think it's safe to say I don't need that social phobia diagnosis.
I am not even going to try and tell you about the people I met there..they are too amazing and there are no words to express my love them all. The only thing I will say is; I've forgotten how to life my life without them.
And how I feel about beeing back in Sweden? Scared, terrified, frightened..the monsters I ran away from got stronger while I didn't care about preparing for the fight that I now will have to take. It's a fight I shouldn't even have to think about, it's a fight I'm too young for...
It's a fight for my own life; and I don't know if I am strong enough for it.
welcome home Penny